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Students' Technical and Innovation Club (STIC) is the first ever official techno-club of Medi-Caps University.

This club is aimed to bring a new era of technology in our university. Through STIC we aim to bring Students at par with today’s technical requirements and make them ready to face the raging technical competition of the world.

Newsletter January 2021




WEBDROID, is the division of STIC devoted entirely for computer engineering and its sub fields. Here, we deal with the study of the theory, experimentation, and engineering that forms the basis for the design and use of computers. In webdroid we emphasize on implementation of theoretical knowledge. Through webdroid we provide its members a platform to work on real time projects, communication, workplaces, tutorial classes and workshops.

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MECHATRONICS, the interdisciplinary division of STIC is a community of candidates who gain pleasure in tinkering with machines which have the potential to survive without human assistance. Here you will come across building basic robots which are capable of performing simple assigned tasks by making use of mechanisms algorithms whilst keeping in mind the concept of its mechanical feasibility and endurance.

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ELEKTRA, the electronics division of STIC. In Elektra you will learn to deal with the generation, distribution, switching, storage, and conversion of electrical energy to and from other forms of energy. Electrical engineering has a very intimate relationship with physical sciences. And so this field does not only bear inventions, but also discoveries. This club’s aim is to provide knowledge, guidance and exposure of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism to its members so that they are ramp ready to face and beat their competition.

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In today's world, without spreading a proper word, any work done is rendered useless. Our marketing and management team is an important part of our organisation. Marketing teams main goal is to act as a projector and increase the influence of STIC inside as well as outside the campus.
Management committee acts like the driving force that keeps the wheel of growth moving ahead, one innovation at a time.

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In this new era of advancements and striding researches in new directions of engineering sciences, the traditional engineering syllabus and academic training is inadequate. The gap between an student and industry ready graduate has been increasing and can be decreased by exposure and self initiated project works involving creative inputs as well as constantly learning new skills and tools which are close to the industrial standards.

We at Student Technical and Innovation Club advocate constant change in one's personal endeavors in engineering and a religious pursuit into new and upcoming technology at a student level. This inclination is forged through introducing them situations which require out of the box thinking, rigorous academic backbone and constraints of a student driven project. Much of our previous work has been successfully implemented into competitions, presentations and research papers bolstering the Research and Development culture in our campus.

STIC believes itself to be a hinder free non-bureaucratic organization where we propagate a culture of merit driven accolades and recognition, a network of inclined multi-disciplinary students as well as an institutional incubator of engineering talents within. Since its inception, STIC has sprawled into a wide club which encompasses activities tangential to the engineering sciences and evolves constantly with the student community which drives it.

I sincerely hope you as a part of STIC and it shall fuel your personal growth and involvement by joining this community and can propel yourself via exposure and participation in various events under the aegis of STIC.

- Prof. Dheeraj Rane | Chief Advisor, STIC


SESSION 2020-2021


Mihir Dutta

Overall Coordinator

Sarthak khandelwal

Head - Webdroid

Ishita Goyal

Head - MU Coders

Shubhansu Jain

Head - MU Coders

Rohan Raghuvanshi

Head - Web Development

kartikey binjolkar

Head-Mobile Development

Roopanshi Sarmandal

Head - Cloud Technology & Information Security

siddharth sahu

Head - Elektra

Nishant Gandhi

Head - Ideation & Content, Head - Recruitment

Aaditya Anand

Head - Marketing

Dhruvansh Moyal

Head - Management

Priyanshu Bansal

Head - Design & Graphics

Shreya Sharma

Head- Digital Marketing

SESSION 2019-2020


Avina Bilala

Overall Coordinator

Ayushi Pandey

Overall Coordinator, Head - Marketing

Jitendra Singh Bhadoria

Overall Coordinator, Head - Design & Graphics

Prateek Purohit

Overall Coordinator

Tarun Solanki

Overall Coordinator, Head - Mechatronics

Anurag Phadnis

Head - Webdroid

Prabhakar Sharma

Head - Management

Ananya Shrivastava

Head - Ideation & Content

Sudhanshu Gupta

Head - Documentation

Mustafa Sadriwala

Head - External Affairs

Neeraj Saini

Manager - Graphics Design

Shubham Singh

Manager - Graphics Design

SESSION 2017-2020


Ankit Alok

Founder Member

Dushyant Tiwari

Founder Member

Sourabh Mahajan

Founder Member

Vaibhav Rajput

Founder Member



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