Electrical engineering has a very intimate relationship with physical sciences, so this field does not only bear inventions, but also discoveries. This division's aim is to provide knowledge, guidance and exposure of electronics to its members so that they are ready to face and stand up to their competition. There are many standalone projects only based on Electrical engineering but the real power of electronics is observed in interdisciplinary projects and that being our main aim; to prepare its members so that they can simultaneously contribute and work with members of Webdroids and Mechatronics on interdisciplinary projects.


In Elektra we take your practical knowledge of electrical and electronics at par with the latest and widely accepted global knowledge. So that you are built to beat others not limited to various national competitions but also in the global industrial market. Through STIC we aspire to bring students at par with current requirements of industry as well as make ourselves competitive and sound enough amongst the ocean of engineers in our country.


We will begin from basic electronics .i.e some components that are so commonly seen nowadays in all the projects .

Then we will start practically working on small projects which you can choose on your own or we will provide you with ideas for projects to work on. After you have gained experience from your first expedition in this practical side of things you will understand the problems you have to go through while making a project however small it maybe. You can take any amount of time to complete it and we are there to guide you in it if you get stuck. Those who complete early we will then give even bigger projects. You will have to work in groups on your projects as the funds will always be a problem. You have to contribute in groups of 5-6 it will ease the burden.


Siddharth Sahu

Head - Elektra