In today's world, without spreading a proper word, any work done is rendered useless. Our marketing and management team is an important part of our organisation. Composing of driven and zealous individuals our marketing team is at its core one of the busiest units. It works day and night to put out the hardwork and efforts our students put in to create and nurture projects and events throughout the year.
Marketing teams main goal is to act as a projector and increase the influence of STIC inside as well as outside the campus.

Management committee acts like the driving force that keeps the wheel of growth moving ahead, one innovation at a time. Acting as the synchronizers, they manage and execute all the events organised under the STIC banner.


To bring inspiration and innovation to every individual and to spread the good word throughout.


To excel in creation, dissemination, and application of management knowledge.


Effective and impactful promotion of projects, events and activities being organised by the club.

Proper coordination and interdepartmental communication within the club.
Maintaining conversation and dialogue with several organisations and companies, working in collaboration for the mutual benefit of both parties.

Working to bring forth new and innovative ideas and content to represent those ideas for execution.

Representing ideas and activities effectively through designing and visual imagery.

Accounting and recording of all events, projects, and events organised within and under the banner of the STIC.


  • Contact journalist from widely read newspapers with an aim to have articles in these newspapers covering interesting projects and technical activities going on in the institute.

  • Try to ensure a better quality of posters. We would deploy some innovative poster ideas such as 3D posters wherein the posters conveys a clearer picture of event and appeals people to participate in it.

  • Try to improve the online publicity and reach of STIC by keeping the Fb page and website active through variety of articles.

  • Co-ordinate with the Academic Office and try to include a STIC information pamphlet in the folder given to freshmen during their orientation, so that they get a better feel of the technical clubs and its fraternities before actually getting into their first semesters.

  • Publicise tech through various out of the box ideas, like flying drones before events with posters attached to it.

  • Ensure the proper functioning of club, within a proper schedule

  • Conducting sessions, workshops, expert lectures according to the needs of various clubs.

  • Coordinating every event of STIC so that it should go with its flow

  • Keeping an eye on various events, Technical fest, paper presentations, auto shows and happenings and make club aware of it.

  • Abridging the gap between the club its members and various intern institutes and industries.

  • Increasing the participation of students in and out of college in various events.


Aaditya Anand

Head - Marketing

Dhruvansh Moyal

Head - Management

Nishant Gandhi

Head - Ideation & Content

Priyanshu Bansal

Head - Design & Graphics

Shreya Sharma

Head - Digital Marketing